Creating or Editing Your Story

Creating or Editing Your Story

New Customer  -  Option #1:  Click 14-Day Free Trial

  • From the home page click on the 14-Day Free Trial
  • Register and Click on "Sign-up for Keepsake Links"
  • From the dialog box Click "Customize Your Free Trial Story"
  • Then you can begin to develop your story - including adding a narrative, photos and videos

You can revisit your story by logging in to using the user name and password you registered with.

Once your 14-day trial period ends, you will be notified that you will need to purchase a Keepsake Links medallion to activate your story.  If you choose not to activate your story, then your story and personal information will be deleted. 

You can purchase a Keepsake Links medallion anytime during the 14-day trial period to activate and save your story. 

New Customer  -  Option #2:  Wish to Skip Free Trial

You can skip the free trial and by Clicking the "Register" Button.  then what?  can they begin their story or do they have to purchase a medallion first?

Returning Customer - Edit Story 

Describe what the choices the person will have in this situation.  ie:  Update Story; Change Destination; Order Duplicates ...