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 Keepsake Links   

"Where every object/person/event has a story!"  

But how do you record, preserve and share these stories for years to come? 

By using the services of "Keepsake Links" you can:

1. Create a story of an object/person/event you want to remember

2. Attach the story to a Keepsake Links Medallion (QR coded label)

3. Adhere the medallion to an object that relates to the story

4. Use a smartphone, to read the coded medallion to view the story 



Keepsake Link Medallion Features

  • Unlimited text for stories and links to other websites
  • Up to 100 images and unlimited links to YouTube Videos
  • One time purchase, no additional fees
  • Laser-etched aluminum metal, impervious to weather

Order your medallion now!